Healings at Simons House

Healings at Simons House


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
In The Twenty-Second Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 4: 38-44

When my Husband wants to invite a friend over for lunch or dinner he will always check with me or Inform me in advance about the invitation he has extended. This gives me enough time to plan and prepare for the guest. Simon was showing the Messiah hospitality by inviting Jesus to his house. Simon Peter was one of those who heard Jesus’ message of the gospel and the kingdom of God. He also saw first-hand Jesus cast out the unclean spirit from the man in the synagogue. Simon walks up to Jesus and invites Him to come to his house for the Sabbath meal. Imagine the shock of Simon’s wife who already has a hands full as she is looking after her mother. A sabbatical meal for Jesus and all the followers was a big task, yet Simon brings Jesus home.

Dear family in Christ, Simon has not only extended his hospitality to Jesus but also shows his faith in the Lord whom he has watched so closely teaching, healing and delivering people. He knew that Jesus will heal his mother-in-law and knowing his mother-in-law’s nature; had confidence that once she is healed, she will be a good hostess along with his wife.

How many times have we approached Jesus in prayerful intercession for others most especially for the sick and those who are spiritually suffering due to their lack of knowledge of who Jesus is? We see here that no matter how tired Jesus is, He is always willing to attend to the needs of all those who come to Him. Jesus wants to set us free today and now, from the burdens we ourselves create. Jesus never tires of hearing and answering our prayers. When the Divine Physician is never tried of healing people both physically and spiritually, then why are we so stingy in praying for the betterment of our loved ones?

Lord thank you for healing me today and everyday of my life. Please help me to be sensitive to the needs of others who are sick and lonely. So that I may stand for them before you in intercession and service. Amen

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