Concerning Your Relationship With God

Concerning Your Relationship With God


Reflection on the Gospel of


Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-18

All of us had plans yesterday, for today. Yet some did not wake up to a new day of life and opportunities. We make plans to live a better life and most of us invest it in winning people and being in their good books, “Beware of practicing your piety before others to be seen”. Our actions of charity are meant only for the eyes of God,” your Father who sees in secret will reward you”. Why do we give arms? What about the poor, what do they have to give? Are we rich enough to pay for all that we have done and strike a deal with God? Wait a minute don’t answer. My questions are not over.

Like almsgiving, the Lord wants us to even pray in secret. He hates almsgiving and prayers at the synagogues(church) and the streets, which are just prayers, and nothing more. So why pray in a closed room, away from everybody except “your Father in heaven who sees in secret, will reward you”?

We can show off our gold collections, our branded clothing, our new and latest cars, or our large and fancy homes which I am sure we have truly earned the right and hard way. All the courses we did to get a better job and after that all the overtime at the office, we have earned everything that I have mentioned in the above sentence. But where is sister Happiness and brother Contentment? Didn’t we leave many of our brothers and sisters behind because we wanted happiness and contentment? Yet none of these things, you or I are going to take our grave. WHY? Because in eternal life, all that matters is what our Father has seen in secret and will reward us accordingly.

When you were busy (Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke) with higher education, jobs, new businesses, extra income, etc; God our Father was waiting for you in a place where He can have you only for Himself and to give you true wisdom to understand the plans He has for you and for your welfare so that you may have life and life in its abundance.

Dear brothers and sisters as we enter this season of lent with ash on our foreheads, let us stop thinking like the fallen angel who thought he knew better than God and craved glory and attention instead of the love of his Creator. Let us surrender our thoughts, words, and actions to our Maker so that He can reveal to us the purpose of our life which will give us true joy and happiness, life in abundance. Give alms not as a favour or a stunt to gain fame but to imitate your Heavenly Father in perfection, in love. Make time for that date with God, where He is patiently waiting for you in secret.

Lord help us to come to you in humility and love, surrendering ourselves to you. Have mercy on us Lord and teach us your ways that we may live a life pleasing to You. On this Ash Wednesday we give you ourselves. Mould us according to your will so that we may rise with you on Easter as a new Creation. Jesus, we make this prayer in your holy name. Amen.

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