Concerning Anger

Concerning Anger

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The First Week Of Lent


Matthew 5: 20-26

What is Anger? Been pondering on this question, and the  idea I received is that it is like you being in a room with one door and you have locked yourself in. Locked not with one lock, but many padlocks. So much so you have lost count of them all. So what state of mind, physically and mentally will you be in. You know you are suffering, but there are some locks you don’t want to open, some you open, some you do not know where the keys are, and some locks you don’t even remember are there, installed by you. This is anger; a detriment to you, something that harms you, festers inside you, destroying your identity, and you becoming a boiling teapot. And when you realise what it has done to you, you do not know how to right things, because the way of anger and the resultant self-righteousness is the only way of like you know.

But praise be to God, for in His steadfast love of us, He has come to reside with us. Yes this is something we need to acknowledge consciously; with the Ascension, Jesus has not left the earth, and gone to reside next to the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Rather that with Jesus’ – Incarnation, God has chosen to come back to reside with us, to walk with us, every moment of our everydays. If we acknowledge this reality, then we need to live this reality; i.e. know that Jesus is besides me, each moment. When we believe this, then we will reach out and speak to Him. He becomes the confidant who we can turn to each moment to express our emotions; joys, frustrations, hopes, despair, etc. But more importantly, knowing God is with us in this moment, we will become joyous, and respond with joy to the people around us, even those who are wronging us this moment. This is being the Light of the World and salt of the earth.

Pray then this Lent, even as I myself pray, that God With Us/Besides Us, becomes a conviction of our lives, and we live our daily lives with this reality, letting go of all the despair that we have accumulated for ourselves, and filling ourselves with hope, because knowing Jesus is next to us, has huge potential to change our lives. Holy Spirit lead us and guide us.

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