Blessings and Woes

Blessings and Woes


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
Of The Twenty-Third Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 6:20-26

True blessedness is to know the Truth, because it sets you on the path of true Freedom.

For me, Truth is no one but Jesus Christ Himself. The teachings and demands he makes of his disciples are very difficult, and those who look from outside at who Jesus is, want Him but cannot have Him, because the things he asks them to put on the sacrificing table are great (The Rich Young Ruler). The rich cannot understand Jesus’ beauty and centrality in human life, because the are self-sufficient and not wanting in materialistic ways (The Rich Land Owner who wanted to build new barns). The poor are aware of Jesus’ importance, because they have suffering in their lives, which awakes them to the reality of Truth.

The poor struggle with their own demons, but are blessed because they are awake to the Truth, not so the rich and thus they are at a disadvantage. Jesus then is the the Truth with a two edged sword, He is a blessing as well a woe, Blessing to those who recognise Him, and make room for Him in their lives. Woe to those who have no room for him.

I suggest make room for Jesus in your life, even if you do not appreciate all the demands he makes of his disciples. Maybe it is a manger/stable corner of your life, let Him come in. Don’t turn him out or give up on Him. He will make your life a blessing…

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