Belief in Jesus is Belief In God

Belief in Jesus is Belief In God


John 12:44-50


These words of Jesus are set within the arch of Jesus’ Glory (Passion-Death-Resurrection). In Chapter 11 we have the Raising of Lazarus and the plotting to kill Jesus. This chapter (12) starts with Jesus’ anointing at Bethany at the hands of Mary – Lazarus’ Sister and then his Triumphal entry into Jerusalem – as the long awaited Messiah. Yet Jesus finds unbelief as he enters Jerusalem. So as a final statement, Jesus sets the tone for the Passion week. All sign and wonders and completion of prophecies may come to pass. And they were going to see the biggest sign yet – Jesus’ Death and Resurrection – yet if one does not have the disposition of humility, gratitude and openness to God, one will never be able to Believe.

Within this we need to look at what Jesus is telling us about Believing…

  • Jesus is the one who has been sent by God-Father to save us – meaning He comes from God
  • And he is God – Son of God- therefore like the Father in every way (image of the Father)
  • Jesus was helping them to understand Yahweh the God of Abraham in a better way – i.e The Triune – Three in One God
  • Humanity may not fully grasp this reality
  • Yet God himself as the Holy Spirit will help them to understand this, i.e. to experience the love of the Father poured out to us through Jesus his Son
  • And as the Holy Spirit help them understand  and experience God’s mercy and grace, in helping them to trust God, through faith, which the Holy Spirit would help them gain.
  • The Holy Spirit is the one who opens our eyes of our hearts to see Jesus for who he is and experiences His love
  • The Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Jesus is the one who helps us see every thing for what it is and make correct choices and actions, for he is the light that dispels all darkness
  • Jesus is the Eternal Word become flesh who gives life to everyone.
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