Jesus Introduces God as ‘Our Father’


Matthew 6:7-15


  • What is our image of God
    • Someone standing with a cane to thrash us
    • Someone who is showing us an accusing finger, at all times
    • Someone who says, my way or the highway
    • Or someone who loves us, because we are his
      • He may not like some of the things we do
      • Or the time we runaway from him
      • Or try to hide from him
      • Yet he still loves us, because we are his
      • He treasures us, and will never forget, nor leave us.
  • If the image of God is the last type
    • We can approach him in all confidence
    • And ask him
    • And just like a father
    • He will give us the right thing
    • At the appropriate time
    • Satisfying us fully
    • Yet helping us to learn to treasure his ways
    • And appreciate the paths he takes us through
    • So that we may learn to be perfect just like him
  • Ask then like a son or daughter
    • Not like a sinner
    • Ask and he will make you as white as snow.