Bread from Heaven: The Words of Eternal Life


John 6:60-69

Jesus started his public ministry with teaching and preaching. Many of them were attracted by Jesus’ powerful teaching and followed him. Jesus had many followers, disciples and 12 apostles. One fine day Jesus was teaching to his disciples on subject life giving bread after listening to his teaching many of them left him saying its too hard to accept and remain with him. Jesus looked at his apostles and asked them “Do you also wish to go away” but Simon Peter on behalf of the apostles confessed his faith saying Lord, whom shall we go? you have word of eternal life and we believe that you are the Holy one of God.
Let us reflects on 2 statements
1) Do you also wish to go away?
2) Whom shall we go? you have the word of eternal life.
Today we are living in a busy world and running behind money, fame, power and authority over people etc. We are seeking worldly pleasure, like to live in a magical world wearing masks on our face and fooling ourselves. Without realising it, we are slowly moving away from the true world to fake/fantasy world and becoming slaves to such a world and surrender our freedom, feeling, happiness, satisfaction such a world. Our Saviour Jesus Christ redeemed us from slavery to freedom by shedding his blood on Calvary, but we have forgotten the price our Saviour has paid for our redemption. St. Paul in Galatians 1:6 says, “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel”
Through this reflection, Today Jesus is asking each one of us “Do you wish to go away” what will be our response to Jesus?
In today’s first reading and Gospel Peter plays an important role. When the faith of the Apostles was tested, Peter boldly confessed his faith and accepted Jesus as his Master and Saviour. Later this same Peter denied Jesus at an important time and but acknowledged his error and re-dedicated himself to Jesus’ mission. Peter’s journey of faith in Jesus invites us to check our journey with Jesus.
Do I believe in Jesus when I am left alone?