Witness To Jesus’ Identity

The Evangelist John in 1 John 5:5-13, informs us that there are 3 witnesses to Jesus; Spirit (The Holy Spirit), Water (Baptism), Blood (Eucharist)

Love: From Circles of Death Into the Circle of Eternity

Humanity is actually a slave of habit and knowledge. It’s life revolves around what it knows and habits. This we can call circles of death. Humanity does not risk to trust nor has hope because it looks to secure self before trusting anyone else. And humanity goes round and round in these vicious circle that do not improve it, though there may be progress on many other fronts like economy, health, technology etc.

Lighting up the Path

The Epistle 1 John, we are reading these days is very prolific in saying sin identifies one who does not belong to God. So what is Sin? That which took us away, and keeps us away from God. Today reading of One John Identifies God as Being All Right (Correct), and Righteous. So His children […]

The Revelation of the Children of God

There are two sets of readings for tomorrow; one is the regular reading, and the other being an optional reading to commemorate the naming of Jesus. Both are sets are beautiful in sync, talking of the Children of God and God’s Son.