The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 8: Invitations

0 0 The episode begins with the scene of Jacob and his sons searching digging for water and building wells. Later we will this scene being linked to Jesus. I… Read more

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 4: The Rock On Which It Is Built

0 0 This episode shows us the calls of Peter and Andrew sons of Jonah, and James and John sons of Zebedee. . The episode shows us that James and… Read more

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 2: Shabbat

0 0 “Shabbat” is the seventh day when God rested after making all of creation. A day of rest, which is a Saturday according to Jewish customs. For the Jews… Read more

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 1: I Have Called You by Name

0 0 Episode 1 gives a realistic account of the religious and political situation. It paints for us how the tax collectors were treated during those times and the hardship… Read more