Witness to  Who Jesus Is

Witness to Who Jesus Is

John 5:31-47


  • This is John the Evangelist’s way of bearing testimony to Jesus
    • He reminds us of John the Baptist Testimony to Jesus
    • And also the works and the fruits of his own ministry.
  • People could see the works of Jesus’ hands.
    • But Jesus was not a crowd pleaser.
    • Or a pleaser to the people in power.
  • Jesus states, take note of these two testimonies
    • And be saved
    • Through the renewal of their ways and life
    • By accepting him, Jesus for who he is – Son of God and Messiah.
  • Make way for Jesus in your life
    • Following him is difficult
    • But with him alongside us
    • It is walking through the storms in life
    • As if you were walking on water.
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