Wisdom and Folly

Wisdom and Folly

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Second Week Of Advent

Matthew 11:16-19

God spoke directly to the Israelites through the prophets and gave them forewarnings of the events to come. He even made his presence felt among the people in different forms, yet the people kept straying away. They could not follow an invisible God and hence instead wanted to see some more tangible form of leadership and asked for elders and kings. Yet the cycle of straying, following & coming back went on.

During Jesus’ life time also, John  the Baptist led a secluded life dedicated to God and kept calling the people to repent and turn back to God. Jesus went about healing, preaching the Word of God and giving numerous signs of him being the Son of God. But the response of the people was still lukewarm, doubting if he was really the Messiah.

Our response to God’s call is determined by our willingness and openness to God’s calling. Unless we discern wisely, we will only be like the children in the market place shouting & lost in the midst of chaos. We will find order in our lives with Christ!

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