When Jesus Departs He Will Send the Holy Spirit

When Jesus Departs He Will Send the Holy Spirit

John 16:5-11


This instructions of Jesus are taking place after the Last Supper. He gives them 4 things to remember.

a) He goes and makes possible the coming of God’s Spirit in the midst of God’s People. God’s Abiding Presence will be here on earth, but how many will open their hearts of God, or will the story of the Fall repeat itself in each of our lives; where we reject Jesus..

b) Since God’s spirit will inhabit the earth, he will reveal all truth where ever he abides. Therefore all will understand the meaning of having a right relationship with God and Neighbour.

c) Contrast a right relationship with God, against the broken relationship that man has because of sin, and man will see how he is robbed of his identity, dignity and ability by sin.

d) If God dwells here on earth, then there is no place for evil and sin here on earth.

In all this there is a crucial thing; man’s free will to choose his own path and destination. It is up to us whether we let God reign in our lives, and by effect all the world, or we choose to be satisfied to live broken incomplete lives.


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