The Wedding at Cana

The Wedding at Cana

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Fifth Week Of Ordinary Time


John 2:1-11

Turning of wine into water is the first miracle performed by Jesus in his public ministry. Wine represents joy or happiness, here in this passage Mary mother of Jesus observed that there is shortage of wine in the wedding family. She took the initiative and brings it to Jesus notice. Jesus initially ignores Mary saying “My hour has not yet come” but Mary insisted Jesus indirectly when he is present in the family then there should not any shortage or unhappiness in the family. She started instructing the servants to follow the instruction of Jesus. The servants without raising any question they obeyed and did as per Jesus instruction thus, at the end there was sweet and tasty wine available in plenty for people who present in the wedding hall.

Our life should be built on the corner stone of Jesus. We can lead our life happily with the presence of Jesus. Mary is a special gift granted to us by heavenly father.  Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the father almighty in heaven. Similarly, Mary is sitting at the right hand of Jesus from there she will go and remain the house where Jesus is present.  Our prime duty is to welcome Jesus and Mary into our life remaining all joy and happiness shall be added unto us. When Jesus present in our life then there wont be any unhappiness, even if we come across difficult situation Mary mother of Jesus plead for us. We cannot separate Jesus from Mary and Mary from Jesus

Always seek help from Mary she never fail us so with great confident we can submit our self to Mary. All our prayers and intentions raised to Mary cannot go vain. Like loving mother she takes care of our life and bring eternal happiness in our life. Sometimes we failed to recognize how we lost the taste of life in our life but Mary she will find it and bring it to his son Jesus and give solution to our problems. With Mary there is no defeat  and without Mary there is no victory 

Let’s, Praise and Thank Jesus for giving such a loving Mother to us.

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