The Syrophoenician Womans Faith

The Syrophoenician Womans Faith

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Fifth Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 7: 24-30

Jesus heals Syrophoenician Woman’s daughter. We generally think the main issue is that the Syrophoenician is an outsider to the Jewish ethos. But we must remember Jesus is the same for all, insider as well as outsider. And the reality is that the insider knows him but still is ignoring to face him. Jeaus still waits for them, the outsider has to make more efforts to reach and approach him, Jesus always welcomes them in the goodness of love them and to heal them. Jesus heals by his touch, Jesus heals from a distant, Jesus heals through the intercession of others, the woman pleaded for her daughter and Jesus healed her. Jesus loves and wants us all to dialogue, debate with him and seek answers. Jesus loves when we work and collaborate with him in his field. Jesus brings good in us and through us, to give us an opportunity to grow in faith. Jesus does all this so that we begin to appreciate his goodness and to grow in our faith of him. In todays scripture reading Jesus appreciates the  Syrophoenician Woman’s faith and humility and gives her the fruit of her faith – the healing of her daughter. For her crumbs falling down from the table were enough to gain back her self-respect, dignity and her daughter.

Holy Spirit help us to grow in faith, persist in pray and intercede for our loved one’s.

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