The Selection & Mission of the Twelve

The Selection & Mission of the Twelve

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

Of The Fourteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 10:1-7

Yesterday’s Gospel reading was about the Harvest, the authority of Jesus and the necessity of Labourers. Today we have Jesus appointing and commissioning 12 disciples to lead the group of Jesus’ Disciples (in a way an answer to the need of labourers). And mind you, these 12 disciples have been with Jesus probably from the beginning of Jesus’ Ministry. This we can assume  on how the 11 Apostles, in Acts 1, go about filling up Judas’ Office. Jesus then challenges them to go all over the Judean countryside and imitate him. That meant

  1. First pray to God – Abba, as he did everyday,
  2. Proclaim that the Kingdom of God is almost upon them,
  3. cure the sick,
  4. raise the dead,
  5. cleanse the lepers,
  6. cast out demons.
  7. Do all this as he himself does it – free
  8. And in doing God’s work, expect God to provide
  9. therefore, not carry any safety net like money and extra clothing
  10. experience for themselves, so their faith is built, God’s providence.

Even as they go about this mission, they are going to be the vehicle of God’ peace, those who do not accept them, are actually closing their door on God’s Peace entering their lives. As a sign to them of what they have done, they were to shake the dust from their sandals, i.e. that they had chosen to reject God, His Kingdom and His Messiah. And they were responsible for their action.

Lets reflect of the fact that the Apostles were the bearers of God/Jesus’ Peace. Today we as Christians are bearers of God’s Peace, in and through Jesus. What does that mean? Simply put, our own experience of Jesus, which stems from our relationship with Jesus, carrying it to others. Desire than before God, by sitting in His presence everyday, to be His peace, joy and love.

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