The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth


To Read Click Mark 6:1-6


  • Jesus is unable to work miracles in Nazareth
    • This is what Mark is trying to tell us
    • Why? Because of the unbelief of those who saw Jesus everyday as he was growing up.
    • His was a family simple.
    • His was a simple un-noticable life lived.
    • Suddenly Jesus was giving them a way of life to live
    • And what he was saying was deep
    • And the claims he was doing seem far-fetched
      • The Messiah and the Son of God
      • But did not they see his parents here on earth, with their own eyes
    • This actually is the un-acceptable part to his story
      • They had put God in a bottle.
      • Made him a formula
      • Made what God did, said and believed a predictable thing
    • This was their error
    • And this is our error
  • God’s wisdom is available to all
    • But that wisdom is at the feet of God
    • And that is where we ought to go every time and moment.
    • Because God’s wisdom is special in that
    • He knows probability
    • And much more reality and the choices we make
    • And the curve ball at every juncture
  • Though we may understand things with an educated guess
    • But we will always fail, because we will never know all the factors at play
    • And everyone whom our actions may effect
    • And the far reaching results of our action….
  • The Pharisees failed because they had made religion and God a formula
    • Let us discard this attitude in ourselves
    • And learn to sit at the feet of Wisdom incarnate.