The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids

The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday Of The Twenty-First Week In Ordinary Time


Matthew 25:1-13

Today’s passage is a part of the Eschatological discourse of the Gospel. Jesus explains through a very practical situation which the people can relate to, with the main message of “being aware, alert and prepared” for we know not the day nor the hour!

The preparations for a wedding in the family start well in advance, every member of the house is tasked and all are working towards one common goal of ensuring the event is a success and the happiness of the bride or groom is kept well in mind for every small thing. In the parable above, the five virgins have been wise and prudent in keeping extra oil to last them for the night as they do not know when the bridegroom will enter, while the other five were foolish and did not foresee the possibilities and came unprepared. This unpreparedness ultimately left them out of the festivities. 

Jesus warns us of being watchful and prepared for our heavenly life rather than getting absorbed in self – indulgence in our worldly life. Our goal is to meet the bridegroom none other than Jesus himself and all our preparations have to keep him in mind. Making wise choices and refining ourselves to prepare for our meeting and welcoming the bridegroom when we come face to face with him.

Let’s visualize our meeting with the Lord, receiving him, adoring him.. How do we prepare ourselves for this grand meeting that we have been waiting for? Let’s take some concrete steps towards this goal. 


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