The Parable of the Talents

The Parable of the Talents

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Twenty-First Week In Ordinary Time


Matthew 25:14-30

Each parable teaching of Jesus is easy to understand and helps us to enter Gods kingdom. In the gospel of Matthew one third of the parable talks about the Kingdom of God. In today’s parable the master who distributed his talents (money) among his 3 servants, as per their own capacity and then travelled abroad on a long journey. On his return, the servants who multiplied the lent talents received a reward from his master. The servant who did not work with the talents lent him, even the lent talents were taken away. Let us reflects on the word “ Talents

God continuously call his people for his mission and blesses them with his talents (spiritual gifts), for the benefits of others (society). These talents are given to us as per God’s wisdom with respect to also our capacity.   Each of us are blessed with different talents like preaching, teaching, healing, singing, counselling, nursing and so on. It is our responsibility to work with the gifts we are blessed with, and thus bear fruit, for self and also bless society. We are accountable to the talents we are blessed with to our Master (Jesus), when he returns. 

How to identify our talents and bear fruits for our heavenly father.

  • Search within yourself and find out your area of charisms or passion.
  • Go for training (retreat) and examine your own self from time to time.
  • Rigorously work on your passion and seek gods glory rather than human glory.
  • Seek counselling from your spiritual director.
  • Keep on moving like a river and allow for things to go from your life.

Let’s pray to Holy Spirit, so He helps us to identify our charisms (talents) and the grow in bearing witness to Christ.

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