The Parable of the Mustard Seed and Yeast

The Parable of the Mustard Seed and Yeast

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
Of The Thirtieth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 13:18-21

The Kingdom of God is the Joy of God’s presence that comes to reside in our life. It cannot be contained, and it cannot be wrapped  and put away in a cupboard, nor hidden under a basket. It is the river of Joy the rushes into your life and sweeps you of your feet, you want to share, and need to share. It is grace that changes your life forever. It takes away the reproach (the un-cleaness, and unworthiness) that we sense in our life. We come to see and we know God is in our life, walking with us, everyday, every moment, thus affirming us and hallowing our lives.

In the past few weeks I am constantly remembering this idea that the Earth was created to be God’s Temple, and humanity its priesthood, constantly in communication with God by walking and talking with its Creator-God. And in Jesus Christ’s passion and resurrection, God has restored this priesthood back to humanity. The best precedent and promise to this is the Emmaus journey of the two fleeing Jerusalem. Let’s get back to this reality, and desire it for ourselves. We should then constantly ask the Holy Spirit and Jesus to open our eyes that we may see, open our minds that we may truly perceive and understand. Even as we start to see, our lives will we flooded with Joy and Love, and these cannot be contained because these are rivers overflowing. We then become the Mustard Tree that is a blessing to others. We then are the woman who becomes the bread and shares her Joy with others.

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