The Mission of the Seventy

The Mission of the Seventy

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Twenty-Sixth Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 10: 1-12

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

There were many who were coming for help and healing to Jesus. In Jesus appointing and sending the seventy to different parts of the land, we get a glimpse of the people who were surrounding him, hungry for the word and peace within, which only the Lord God could give. Moreover, there were others also who had already experienced the Lord’s touch and were ripe and ready for harvesting, but none the less needed some to reach out to them. Jesus in this instance sends His outer circle of disciples, not just the twelve. They had learned from Him, now was the time to remove the training wheels from them, and for them to experience first hand the power and authority they were taught about and saw in Jesus. Indeed the harvest was  great on two counts, one; in the case of all the people the seventy would come in contact with, and warming their hearts and spirit to be more receptive to God. Second; the seventy themselves, for they would better understand God and get into a relationship with God, thus being those who would turn the world upside down.

Are we experiencing the same today? Where do we see ourselves; in the seventy who were sent to serve or the others who were waiting to be served by the seventy.

Jesus warned the seventy about the difficulty, conflict, oppression etc, they would experience on the mission and they were happy and willing. What is our own response today? As a gift of this willingness and acceptance on the part of the seventy, Jesus enjoins all his authority and power in their words and actions, which must have come as a surprise for them on this mission. Today when we read and reflect on today’s Gospel Passage, are we aware that Jesus has already blessed us like the seventy. Are we willing, even if it be reluctantly, believe and trust in the Lord Jesus and turn inwardly and seek change in ourselves. For when he sends us out, He is looking at maturing us first, and then touch those around us. Hence it is of great importance for our own transformation to respond with a yes. Else we will stagnate and like the servant with the one talent, and call judgement on ourselves.

Holy Spirit help us in our discipleship. Transform us, help us see, open our hearts that we accommodate others as we work in your kingdom. Teach us to respond to Jesus’ call wholeheartedly.

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