The Man with a Withered Hand

The Man with a Withered Hand

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
In The Second Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 3: 1-6

Wow, what a strong message we have today. We see Jesus, our Lord and Master who choose to heal on a Sabbath day at the cost of His own life.

Many times the Word of God prompts us to walk the extra mile with our needy neighbour, but the norms of society want seek to see you only with those who are successful and rich. Scripture whispers in our ears to stand for the truth and let our yes be yes and our no be no, but we have to be part of the chores that society has pronounced on a situation or person. The Holy Spirit guides us to the right path, but on the other end we have to face the reality that we have to follow the crowd to survive.

In today’s gospel reading, we see Jesus both grieved and angry at the Pharisees for their hardness of heart. We feel the same when we read that the law was more important to the Pharisees than the man who was in need of healing. But what if I told you that we are the Pharisees today. HOW CAN WE KEEP QUIET TODAY WHEN THE WORLD AROUND US IS CRIPPLED AND IN NEED OF JESUS? We behave no different from the Pharisees when we say that its none of our business. The law of society tells us to mind your own business and not be a nosy neighbour but scripture teaches you to stop, take a look at the man on the side of the road and be a good Samaritan by making his business yours.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today the way we dress, speak and move about is based on the opinions of others. You don’t have to believe my words? Check your WhatsApp status or you Facebook or Instagram uploads or the purpose and type of reels you have uploaded. How many times have we not just refused to heal others through our silence but have also stood with society that makes norms that are against the Word of God? How many times have we ourselves refused Gods healing in our lives and have not stretched out our hand in faith because our belief in Christ will make us look foolish?

My family in Christ, my fellow Christians its high time that we “come forward”. It’s high time that we “stretch out our hand” in faith to be healed. Its high time that we reach out to others in faith and encourage others to experience Gods healing and mercy through us. Today the world needs you to stand up in faith and tell your neighbour to stretch out his hand to experience the healing and life of the Risen Lord. With Jesus everyday is Sabbath, the day of the Lord. Come let us introduce the Lord of the sabbath to those who are crippled and need healing. Let us introduce the Lord of the sabbath to those who are lost in the lies of the devil and this world, living in the false and lonely norms of society.

Jesus, our Lord and God, help us to firstly in faith stretch our arms and be healed and then in turn be your instrument to heal others and bring them to you. Amen.

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