The Laborers in the Vineyard

The Laborers in the Vineyard

Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The Twentieth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 20:1-16a


Let’s break down a key concept in this passage.

For the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard.

  • The key to this passage is the use of the word householder.
  • Google/Oxford Languages describes householder as
    • a person who owns or rents a house;
    • the head of a household.
  • So we must not see this passage as dealing with business
  • but is telling the story of the Prodigal Father,
    • in a different way and wishing to highlight God – Jehovah Jireh/Our Provider
    • Trying to tell us that the prodigal Father cares for all
    • lazy, or efficient, good or bad
    • he cares enough to provide
    • deserving or not.
    • He lets the day dawn and sun shine on everyone
    • without making distinction of those who follow and recognise him or do not want to recognise him or run away from him
  • When you understand this
    • you understand this story of the Labourers in the Vineyard.
    • it is not about being fair
    • it is about God being Father
    • If is about God not being able to help himself from being who he is always  – our Father, in dealing with us.
  • He will never deceive us
    • but he will also not favour one over the other
    • in the sense that he favours those who acknowledging and obey him,
    • Versus those who do the opposite.
    • It is about God showing us how to be him
      • in season and out season
      • in good times and bad times
      • in being accepted by his children or be rejected by them
    • He has to be who HE always IS
      • Our Father
      • All Good
      • All Correct
      • Impartial
      • Love
      • Trusting of us
      • Having Faith in us
    • If he will do anything  even slightly different
      • (in this case – not being mindful of providing for the later labourers, and yet pay them, that they are provided for sufficiently)
      • then he is not who he has revealed Himself to be in and through Jesus
      • Then the image he creates of himself in his children, is not that of who He Is
      • And then there is a snow balling effect
      • and humanity then will loose its meaning, because it will have lost its Identity
      • Humanity’s identity is found in its Creator
      • who created everything, based on who HE IS
      • and created Humanity in His own likeness and Image.

I suggest you stretch out your hand and ask Jesus to take hold of your hand.

  • Thank Him and Appreciate Him for being always there for you.
  • Count your blessing lay them side by side before you
  • Open your heart to his love for you
    • for he has been faithful to you
    • provided for you
    • and has been patient with you
  • Ask God-Father to father you, and make you more like Him
  • Transform you
  • so you may see him in your life and walk with Him.


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