The Demand For A Sign


To Read Click Mark 8:11-13

  • The Pharisees are asking for a sign.
    • Do you have any doubts?
    • Would you want a sign?
  • Ask for a sign
    • But not like the Pharisees
      • Who came not to believe but condemn
    • And not like Zechariah the father of John the Baptist
      • Who limited what God could do by his show of unbelief
    • Ask for a sign like Mary
      • To help you Believe
  • Jesus’ fame had gone abroad, because of his miracles and healings
  • Recently he had fed two huge crowds
  • with what of can understand as limited and very little resource.
  • Certainly, the option that Jesus was the Messiah had risen,
  • In the eyes of the Pharisees and Rulers
  • Yet they came asking the wrong questions
  • They seeked not understand
    • They wanted proof
  • They seeked not the Truth
    • But they liked Zechariah had preconceived notions
    • Of what God could do and not do.
  • Make that pray of the Father of the Boy with Epilepsy,  yours
    • Lord I believe
    • Help my Unbelief
    • He will honour you
    • Possibly not the way you expect him to
    • But he will answer you definitely.