The Demand for a Sign


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday Of The Sixth Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 8:11-13

A short passage with a deep meaning. For the Pharisees it was very difficult to accept Jesus as their messiah as they have been expecting someone powerful like King David, Solomon or the like.  For 400 years the Jewish people did not have a prophet and they have been waiting for one.  And when they hear of Jesus and all that he did, they had questions, how can a person born in a poor family from Nazareth be their messiah?  Though the prophets had indicated about Jesus’ coming as written in Isaiah 53, the Pharisees refused to accept Jesus as Jesus also did many things that did not please them.  While Jesus, preached, healed the sick, raised the dead Jesus also did not give any heed to the 365 rules laid down for the Jews to follow, he ate with sinners, ate grains without washing their hands, healed the sick on Sabbath and so on.  The Pharisees had demanded more signs soon after the multiplication of bread miracle. 

Jesus was very hurt by their disbelief and so he sighed deeply feeling bad for the ones whose heart were hardened and they could not see the signs that Jesus already did and were demanding for more signs.

In anger He says that no signs will be given to this generation ( he meant the non-believers )

Let us reflect in our lives when we face tribulations, we too many a times pray to Jesus asking for a sign of healing or a miracle.  Jesus, give us the grace to pray with a humble heart and learn to accept God’s will in our lives and allow him to plan our lives.  Help us to put our trust in Jesus and Holy Spirit and believe that God works for our good in all situation.

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