The Coming of the Kingdom


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Thirty-Second Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 17:20-25

The Pharisees questioned Jesus when will the Kingdom of God come ? But were they prepared for it and also are we prepared for the Kingdom? Jesus makes this complex question seem very easy by the way he answers it. The Kingdom of God is already present in you midst. They recognized Jesus as the Messiah because of the signs and events/miracles, but still persisted with their reservation regarding His identity. They knew the establishment of God’s Kingdom was expected with the coming of the Messiah. Today we too are lost in looking at signs and calculations, but do not to see Jesus in our midst. We fail to experience the Lords presence around us. If we acknowledge the Lord’s presence in our midst, we will experience the Kingdom of God, we will see it here and now. The presence of God’s Kingdom does not mean that the trials are over; as disciples we will have difficulties and suffering but we will be triumphant over them. Holy Spirit help me recognize and work in your kingdom here and now.

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