The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 5: <i>The Wedding Gift</i>

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 5: The Wedding Gift

The episode begins with Joseph and Mary finding Jesus in the Temple when he was but a child and then goes on to tell us the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana.

This Episode deals with only the main elements of the Gospel Narrative, the rest of this episode is filled   with common customs of those times linked to Scripture. One of the highlights of this episode is the character of Mary who is portrayed rightly in its true spirit of love and charity in service to others. I was delighted at the brilliant portrayal and depiction of Mary. The Gospel text of John Chapter2 (the Wedding at Cana), may not fully show us the character of Mary who probably shared a loving and kind relationship with the bridal family, to know such private information as the Wine had run out. However the episode shows us the love of Our Lady towards caring for the needs of the needy and a guide to her son in his ministry and society is so admirable.

In the midst of this, we are shown an encounter between Nicodemus and John the Baptist in prison (not based on Scripture), however, we see in John chapter 3 the mention of both Nicodemus and John the Baptist but nowhere do they meet each other in Scripture. Nevertheless, the conversation shown between these two in prison is required to bring to the fore, for the benefit of the audience, Nicodemus’ sincerity and search for the Messiah.

Back to the Wedding, not only are Jesus and Mary attending the wedding but so also are few of Jesus’ disciples. I Loved the entire scene played by the characters of the disciples, sharing their reason for being there and the odd way how Jesus chose his disciples rather than the other way round, which was prevalent during those days.

It is interesting to see how Thomas’ call to apostolic calling is placed amid this wedding feast. Even as Mary is asking Jesus to provide wine for the bridal couple and their families, Jesus is calling Thomas to follow him and laying a foundation for his ministry. This sets the stage for Thomas as an apostle, and the character caught me off guard with the episodes inspired storytelling.

Lastly, the illustration of the economic conditions of the two bridal families and the sudden doubling of the guests were pictured in a very realistic way to show the running out of wine. This could have been one of the reasons for the wine running out, there could have been reasons , but this perfectly fits telling of the story here, and does it justice.


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