The Call of Matthew

The Call of Matthew

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Twenty-Fourth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 9: 9-13

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.

Jesus calls Mathew, the tax collector to follow him, and He chose him as his disciple. After that Jesus visits a tax collector’s house and He sits and dines with them.
It is not the profession in which we are or the status we have built, but the desire to follow Jesus. If we have True desire for Him, He will call us and make us his disciple, equipping us, transforming us. The desire to know Him and be with Him is a process, and it begins with a repentant heart. Let us reflect, are we the Lord Jesus’ disciple or just a by-stander; perplexed at others – wondering why He can be a disciple or The Lord’s follower. Or even worst be perplexed at Jesus, how He can eat and spend time with sinners.

Those who are well and understand Him have already grown and are in a mission to proclaim Jesus. They know that the Lord is with them, those who are weak, Jesus is still working amongst them dinning with them. Where are we in all this? Dining or on a mission or by-standers commenting only.

Holy Spirit help me like Matthew to follow Jesus. Help me to be able to listen to Jesus calling me, and the strength to respond to it.

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