The Birth of John the Baptist

The Birth of John the Baptist


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The Fourth Week Of Advent


Luke 1: 57-66

The story of Elizabeth and Zechariah is also a story of obedience and faith; they were known to be a faithful jewish couple. The Lord rewarded their faithfulness by blessing them with a child who was filled with the spirit in the womb itself. The sign given by God to Zechariah of his ability to speak was proof that the child was set apart by God for a special task, to prepare the way for the Lord! 

The people witnessing this marvel knew that the hand of God was on them and they rejoiced with the parents who had the joy of bearing a child in their advanced years. The name John was also unique and was decided by God. Through this story Luke highlights that God’s mercy is actualized  through different persons in history. Like the people, Luke also invites us to ponder on the events that have unfolded before in our lives and keep them in our hearts. Something to introspect and reflect on.. to understand how God has always shown us his mercy in various aspects of our life.

As we prepare for the great feast of Christmas, let us open our hearts and minds and welcome baby Jesus among us joyfully, just as ‘’John’ is welcomed with joy in his community.

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