Some Sayings of Jesus

Some Sayings of Jesus

Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday Of The Thirty-Second Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 17:1-6

Temptation did not even spare Jesus.  He was tempted times while he was in wilderness for forty days fasting and praying.  But in this passage Jesus rebukes the tempter, cause more than the one who sins, the tempter is responsible for the sinner.  Especially the non-believer,  for whom it is already it is a drastic change in the way of life and is still contemplating what is right and wrong.  So, if a believer comes and tempts the new convert, this person will unknowingly follow and sin.

Hence, Jesus warns his disciples about the snare of doing evil.  He also instructs the people to rebuke their brother or correct them when they sin, he meant to say that it is his duty to bring his brother on track or else the brother’s blood would be on him. At the same time if the person repents, one should forgive and every time he falls and repents and asks for forgiveness, one should forgive.  As mentioned, the heavens rejoice when a sinner repents and turns to God.

And when the apostles ask the Lord to “increase their faith”, Jesus tells them the power of faith, it can uproot the sycamine tree and plant it in the sea when commanded.  Words spoken with faith can move mountains, heal and raise the dead. 

Whiles Jesus talks of the power of temptation to sin, he also speaks of the power of faith that helps overcome obstacles.

What did Jesus meant when he said that our faith can move trees and mountains as well was that he could solve greater problems and difficulties. Faith is a gift freely given by God to help us know God personally, to understand his truth, and to live in the power of his love. 

Do you trust in God’s grace and power to resist temptation and to overcome obstacles in doing his will?

“Lord, help me in my weakness and increase my trust in you and in your power to resist temptation.   Give me the grace and strength to choose what is right and to set a good example for others, especially to those who are young in the faith.”

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