Living As God’s Children, Here and Now

Living As God’s Children, Here and Now

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

Of The Fourteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 10:7-15

You received without payment; give without payment. We have received Gods Blessing, Healing, new beginning, good Health as a free gift from our Lord, we were not worth of it, but God graciously blessed us. The Lord has chosen us from our daily state of life to proclaim his Blessings and teachings. Through this mission The Lord has blessed us to bestow peace on others, especially on the families and communities we interact and work with. Through this mission The Lord has promised us our Daily bread, we will never go hungry. We will be filled spiritually, physically and intellectually. By we proclaiming and working in his Kingdom we are empowered to bring to others the same blessing we have freely received from the Lord, our Work in his Kingdom gives us the Grace to accept the refusal/difficulties we come across. Are we willing to depend on God?
Holy Spirit help us to work in your Kingdom, help us to bring the Good New to others. Help us to bring healing to others.

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