Keeping Watch For The Son Of Man


Click to Read Mark 13:28–37

  • The thing gatekeepers have to do above all, of course, is to stay awake.
    • This is the warning Jesus issues so solemnly to his followers,
    • as they face the troubled time that’s coming upon them,
      • upon Israel,
      • upon Jerusalem,
      • and indeed in a measure on the whole world.
  • The context of this passage is the end time, when everything will be taken away.
    • Israel the steward, will loose his position.
  • Jesus himself like man, identifying with man
    • Does not know the intimate timetable of God for all events…
    • Therefore the resulting command is not ‘sit down and work out a prophetic timetable’—
    • Or worry over it or even delve in a horoscopic knowledge of the future
  • Trust God,
    • Order your ways
    • Cast your life in God’s hands
    • And this way ‘keep awake and watch’.
    • Thus, experiencing the freedom of God
  • The Messiah – Jesus came at a time, when he was expected by the people
    • But he did not come in a way they desired him to come.
    • And with the message they wanted the Messiah to proclaim.
  • 2000 years later, we know how God did come
    • We know his message and the directions he left us
  • Will we keep looking out for signs of his second coming,
    • and then mend/straighten our ways.
    • Worry ourselves with guilt leading unordered lives,
    • So that when we notice when Christ is coming, or our life is ending
    • Whichever comes first, and then change our life and commitment.
  • Rather straighten our lives now, and enjoy life worry free.
    • Knowing God only frees us to live our lives the way we want to lead them
    • And yet be in a right relationship with God.