Jesus the Light of the World

Jesus the Light of the World

Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Fifth Week Of Lent


John 8: 12-20

The above passage spoken by Jesus, was not only difficult for the Pharisees to understand but blasphemy.  They were so rigid that they were not willing to accept Jesus’ identity as their messiah for whom they have been waiting for long.  The Jews were expecting their messiah to come as a king like David and since at the time of Jesus the Jews were oppressed by the Romans, they wanted their messiah to come with mighty power and over throw the Romans and set them free.  They did not know that Jesus had a greater mission to save mankind from sin and give eternal life.  

Jesus  spoke the above words in riddles, especially calling himself the light of the world, they did not understand and only if they knew that Jesus is calling the Almighty his Father they would have arrested him.   As per Jewish law every testimony had to bear two witness.  Jesus knew what they were thinking, so he told them that he himself would be the fist witness and the one who sent him, his Father, the second, again all that he spoke went above their heads.    

Jesus also affirmed to them that he had not come to judge anyone, but even if he did  his judgement would be true as he was not alone, his Father was with him.  The Pharisees being caught up in their own rules and laws and could not think beyond and since they could not accept Jesus’ teaching and were not able to link the scriptures to Jesus’ coming, they were only waiting to trap him.

Lord Jesus give us the grace to gain wisdom to understand scriptures and especially your teachings.  Help us to know that you are our messiah and through you alone we are saved.

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