Jesus the Cause of Division

Jesus the Cause of Division

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Twenty-Ninth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 12:49-53

Does The Word of God Heal us or at times upset and confuse us. Are we true disciples of Jesus and can we experience his healing presence, understand his teachings and Love in every passage and word He personally speaks to us…

Jesus’ words brings us in confrontation, it set us apart, father from son and son from father. Is Jesus the Cause of Division? Certainly not, then what is the hidden truth in this passage. While the whole world understands that Jesus causes divisions, specially in families, His Disciples understand the real message and mission. Discipleship of Jesus is costly and preparation is a must to triumph, hence the disciple begins to prepare him/her self based on the understanding they have gleaned from the meaning of fire and Baptism. The preparation is such, that it demands the cost of family, unity and relations. Be ready to bear suffering and persecution by the family and the community, because striving to be Christ-like (disciple) means the world will stand against you. Are we ready as Disciples of Jesus to count the cost, do we understand the words and the hidden message and our role the discipleship of Jesus sets for us. Or have we just pick up the glossy and goody sounding parts of the passage and are done with it. Are we ready to go through the sanctification process (experience of God’s cleansing fire) and die to old  thoughts, practices and ideas and be reborn (be baptized) to the mission Christ entrusts us to love God and love neighbour. Are we ready to receive and therefore share the gifts the Holy Spirit blesses us with, by his indwelling presence is us.

Come Holy Spirit, help us; give us the gift of Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom to study and share your Word.

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