Jesus Stills a Storm

Jesus Stills a Storm

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Third Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 4: 35-41

Jesus after finished his preaching,  he asked his disciples to move ahead to build gods kingdom in other side of the sea. Ie. Moving from comfort zone. As they were sailing the boat Jesus was observing them and fall asleep in the boat. Suddenly strong wind blew and hit the boat. Out of fear they cried out and started roaming in the boat without knowing what to do. At last they approached their master and explained their hopeless situation and started lamenting over it. Jesus politely commanded the Storm wind to calm down and it was calm down and there was pin drop silent in the sea. Disciples wondered that nature obeys him.

Friends this passage have deep meaning for our personal life as well as ministry life

  •  Boat represent our mother Church. 
  • Disciples represent Gods servant. 
  • Water represent world
  • Storm of wind represent evil force or enemy
  • Jesus represent Gods presence. 

Jesus has appointed his servant for each small church in the world. It is gods servant responsibility to sail the boat in the sea and bring the boat safely to gods kingdom. In order to protect the church from evil force gods servant trying their level best and doing their responsible work for their faithful people. It is our responsibility to obey our shepherd and help our shepherd as we are living in very critical condition. 1Peter 5:8  says “Discipline yourselves, keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour.”  yes, it is each shepherd responsibility to protect their sheep from evil force. Our Master Jesus always with our shepherd to protect his church. Let’s turn our face to Jesus and surrender all our weakness, worry, pain, sadness, rejection, sickness, debts to him. He will condemn all our iniquities and weakness and bring glory in our life, by helping our shepherd we too partake in gods plan of saving soul from destruction and bring glory to gods name. I.e. from hell to heaven.

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