Jesus Rejoices over the Return of the Seventy

Jesus Rejoices over the Return of the Seventy

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Twenty-Sixth Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 10: 17-24

Jesus started his mission with chosen people. He made 2 set of group of people. First group of people started their ministry during life time of Jesus and second group of people started their ministry post resurrection of Jesus. Each group of people received the same instruction, power and authority from Jesus to accomplish their mission. 

Jesus instructions are as below for both the group of people:    

  1. Preach the Good News (i.e. proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand)
  2. Do good and comfort people (i.e. cure the sick)
  3. Be messengers of peace (i.e. Greet people with slogan “Peace be with you” and eat and drink whatever set before you)
  4. Financial and spiritual poverty (i.e. carry no money and dependence on Gods providence
  5. A non-violent approach (i.e. lambs among wolves).

First group of people return back from their mission and shared their joy and experience with his master. Jesus highly appreciated them and reward them by writing their name in heaven. Similarly, second group of people name too written in heaven. Jesus is same yesterday,  today and forever. He is continuously calling each of us to work in his vineyard. It is an open invitation to partake in Jesus mission. Call for discipleship required high dedication and sacrifice. Am I ready to accept the open invitation from Jesus.


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