Jesus’ Ministry in Capernaum


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
Of The Twenty-Second Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 4:38-44

This is chapter 4 in the Gospel of Luke. Before this we have Jesus’ Infancy Narratives, His Baptism at the hand of John the Baptist, and His sojourn in the desert, where He was tempted. Also, just before this episode in Capernaum, Jesus ventured home to Nazareth, and tried to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom there, but failed due to the lack of faith. He comes back to Capernaum, which he had made the base of his ministry, and starts teaching in the synagogue there. And a man possessed by an evil spirit, makes a ruckus, and identifies Jesus as God’s Holy One. Jesus silences the spirit and casts him out of the man, as a result people start to take notice of Jesus.

Immediately after this episode, Peter invites Jesus to his home for supper, as it would be, Peter’s Mother-in-Law is ill and bed ridden. The question I ask here is, ‘Was her illness well known and how serious was it?.’ What happens is that Jesus as we know heals her and she begins to wait on Him and serve Him. What we miss is that; this is the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, because suddenly we find large crowds are waiting outside Peter’s House, to be touched/prayed over by Jesus. His ministry as it were, has been blessed and is taking wings.

Yet we see Jesus, making time to pray/dwell/relate to the Father. This is Important. All of us miss this and its meaning. Let us pray then, “Holy Spirit, come fill us, we offer you our complete self, take our little watershed faith and bless it. We believe, help our unbelief. Help us to dwell in you the Trinity, consecrating our whole selves to You.”

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