Jesus Heals the Gerasene Demoniac


To Read Click Mark 5:1-20


  • The whole thing must have been a jaw dropping experience
    • Jesus’ confrontation of the Gerasene Demoniac
    • And a sight to behold when the Demoniac fell at Jesus’ feet.
    • And even more spectacular the spirits coming out of the man, going into the pigs, and the pigs rushing over the cliff into the water.
    • It must have been terrifying and mind numbing to those who were watching
  • They rush back to the city
    • And come back with a crowd…
    • Again they find a sight to behold
    • That fearsome man possessed by spirits, whom they knew so well
    • Now sitting at Jesus feet
    • And making sane conversation with him.
  • There are many a things in our lives we have no control over,
    • They terrify us
    • And this fear in us spills into our relationship with others.
    • We are afraid
    • We assume there is no redemption for us.
  • See what Jesus did for this man from Gerasene
    • He can do much for you
    • Ask him