Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday

In The Fourth Week In Lent

John 5:1-16

We continue with yesterday’s theme, “why will you believe?” Because you see or because you believe God for who he is.

Here is this man, paralysed for such a long time, wishing to be healed by something that the community believes in. And here is Jesus asking him, do you wish to be healed. He has not heard the question the right way, he has twisted it to fit his own hearts desire. He narrates to Jesus that he is unable to acquire a healing through the pool…

We are like this paralysed man, and will spend our time with Jesus, talking about our failures, but not come to the point and ask him. “Believe!”, Jesus says, “take up your cross and follow me.” This cross can be what community calls right, it may be the way community works – these stand for things we see and believe. Things which are easy and we are comfortable with. These can be the anchors that weigh us down. Stop us from growing and imitating Jesus.

The question Jesus is putting to us, no not a question, but an opportunity. “Believe!” Do believe because it is Jesus, our Lord and God. If we do not believe, we are assigning him to be imaginary, therefore he cannot be effect in our life, Just as those in Nazareth did not believe, and Jesus was ineffective in their lives. Then there were those who believed like the Woman with the 12-Year Haemorrhage. She believed! Will you believe? We just need to extend ourselves in faith and touch Him….

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