Jesus’ Appearance to his Disciples And Their Commission

Jesus’ Appearance to his Disciples And Their Commission

Mark 16:9-15

During this Easter Octave we have heard various accounts of the Risen Lords appearances. Today’s Reading from the Gospel of Mark is a summary of these appearances. These appearances are to reassure the Disciples to the reality of his Resurrection and also to instruct the Disciples, what it means to be His Witnesses to the good news.

Let us today reflect on this very word. “Good News” in our own personal context. It means to sharing our own personal encounter with Jesus with others.

In todays gospel, Mary Magdalene shared her testimony to the disciples. Another two disciples who were travelling away shared their testimony with the disciples, of how the Lord Jesus Christ reached out to them.

Finally, Jesus came and met the Apostles, strengthening them to have faith. This embolden them  to share theer encounter of the Risen Christ with the entire world.

St. Paul says in his letter to the Corinthians (2 Cor 9:16b) says, “Woe to me if i do not proclaim the good news”. It is an obligation of love laid on us.

Yes friends, sharing the good news or testimony is an obligation to each one of us. We all are commissioned at the time of our Baptism. There is no way to escape from God’s call to share the Good News with everyone, even the whole World.

At this present moment God invites each one of us to bear witness to Jesus as a way of life.


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