Jesus and the Beloved Disciple

Jesus and the Beloved Disciple

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Seventh Week Of Easter


John 21: 20-25

On different occasion Jesus gave various discourse to his disciples. As long as he lived in this world his disciples were very close to him. The Disciples expressed their desire to remain with him and were even ready to die for him. When Jesus realized that his time had come to leave the world, He gave the helper (holy spirit) to his disciples to continue the mission entrusted to them, however his disciples forgot the promises made by Him and they moved back to their own profession. 

After resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples and others in Jerusalem for 40 days, some of them believed in resurrection and some returned back to their own way of life. Peter the first Pope of the church gathered all the disciples for fishing and they worked hard the whole night but could not find any fish and their boat was empty as they focused on their own selves. On this Galilee shore Peter encountered Jesus and eat food with him and then Peter’s heart and mind opened and remembered the promises given by Jesus at the time of his calling. Peter re-collected all promises and followed Jesus. In today’s gospel passage Jesus reveals about the youngest of his disciple John, whom He was very fond of. But what he is saying don’t get distracted, focus. believe in the great calling each one is given to bear witness to the Resurrection in Jesus.

Like the disciples each of us has a special call/mission in this world. Lets pause for a while and examine our conscience; are we running behind the world to build our own homes or are we building Gods kingdom among us, have we forgotten the promises given to us and are seeking out false promises of the world. Are we unhappy or disturbed or have we lost our peace in our life and are not successful in life, are we seeking our own will rather than God’s will, have we forgot our call/mission entrusted to us. If your answer  is yes then today Jesus is searching for you to give your mission again, let us be ready to accept the proposal from Jesus and you will be blessed forever in your home, society and world.


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