Jesus and John the Baptist

Jesus and John the Baptist


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday After Epiphany

John 3:22-30

Today’s Gospel passage talks about ministry life of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Both of them did their mission as per their call designed by God. Jesus started his mission publicly after the arrest of John the Baptist by king Herod. John the Baptist started his mission and bore witness to coming of Messiah. John the Baptist disciples and Jews were accepted him as Messiah thus his name was famed in Judea among Jews . On the other hand John the Baptist disciples approached him and reported that Jesus gathering many people and doing ministry on the other side of river Jordan. John the Baptist humbly replied them my role is to be best man for bridegroom and I am happy to perform the role and “I must decrease and He must increase” 

John the Baptist was not angry on his cousin Jesus and he did not feel unsecured instead he asked his disciples to follow Jesus. John the Baptist aware that his mission is coming to an end ie preparing bride for bridegroom here bride represents people and bridegroom represents Jesus. He handover his own disciples to Jesus hand  to gave an eternal life thus he was completed his mission successfully.

Learning from John the Baptist

  1. Acknowledge your call and do your best and leave the reward to God’s hand.
  2. Honour one another in same field of work.
  3. Avoid mortal sins like anger, jealous, pride.
  4. Keep our focus on our own mission or business
  5. Always around by good people and positive vibes.

Let’s ask Holy Spirit to give us grace to accept our own weakness and respect and love one another

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